Jan. 19, 1988: Woman wins the right to be homeless

Joyce Patricia Brown’s case had provoked national debate on the moral and ethical boundaries of dealing with homelessness and mental illness: Was the object to help the mentally ill or to clear affluent neighborhoods of human nuisance?

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Build legal tech tools with actual lawyers in mind

Judge Dixon stays on to keep bringing tech to courts (podcast)

What BigLaw gets wrong about pay

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Poll: Cartoon poll: Three wishes, three captions—which do you like best?

  • 38.83%
    “Speaking of wishes, I wish to pursue a claim for false imprisonment and involuntary servitude!”
  • 30.77%
    "Your writ is my command.”
  • 30.4%
    “Oh, great. Do we need to exchange drafts, or are you just going to make the wish?"

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Alberto Gonzales reflects back on Bush administration and gives his advice for Trump staff (podcast)

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